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so who here knows people from UG in real life? or who has met someone because of UG, if anybody? i know mc7113 and...that's it, i don't know anyone else.

sorry if this has done before, i tried searching but got more than 500 threads to search through, which i wasn't gonna do.
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i know s.k.k but he doesnt have a single post.... but i think some of my friends are registered on here, i just dont know their username..... but mine is my name (durrr!) so if they see me theyll know who i am.
Turd_Furguson plays drums with me.
whalepudding is my friend out of school. Also, some guy I know from drama, icheesedmysack is some kid at my school but he's banned for life, and one of my friends made about 12 accounts and did nothing with them.

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And my sister, whoever she is on here.
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i probably know no1 in ug
as ive just become active again today
spent the most part of 06 negelcting my account ahaha
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dude, i think your sister is coming on to you!
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My friend is Creature5 I think it is.

And Threadstarter made enough threads tonight?
I know Demonbreed and Superioddity.
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My friend is Creature5 I think it is.

And Threadstarter made enough threads tonight?

Absolutely not. this one and the "Moral Kombat" one, that is two threads.

well at least they're not all "ROFLBUTTSECKS"-type threads. and not like anyone ever replies to any of them anyways.

Smokey Amp go look at my Moral Kombat thread. cause you're a gamer.
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i probably know no1 in ug
as ive just become active again today
spent the most part of 06 negelcting my account ahaha

that exactly why i dont know anyone here. although i recognise a few names, most ppl i knew aren't on here no more
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Only when I am in the U.K.

Some guy on the forums called moussy, we're really good friends.
And I talk to dumps and "thequeenisdead!" so much on MSN that we'll probably meet up sometime.

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i know sweet_flower.. she's in my class.. that's about it
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I know SmokeyAmp and superioddity. Theyre in my college class.
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teebal_jake (or something of the likes)

GD is my gf of 9.5 months, Jake has been pretty much my best mate for around 6 years, and Matt for about a year longer.
GD is the only one who's ever actually posted around and been a regular lol. Jake and Matt posted for like 1 day and never came back.
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It's entirely possible I know someone on here. I go to a music college with hundreds of guitarists... surely there's at least one other BIMMer on here!?

But to my knowledge... no.
The guy who told me about this site, but I don't even know his username...

And, we don't go to the same school anymore (university).
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I agree, i always help people up. At the last show we all protected this little kid who was tying his shoe in the middle of the pit.
I stayed at FatKidsOnMopeds house for a couple weeks.
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I play guitar long then half the people here .. and I suck double as much

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I'm a non-regular regular old user.
I don't know anyone, but I do have a referal, which is something that has caused me much quary (well, not really, although I wouldn't mind finding out who it is).
xXZeppelinXx I know well in real life. That's it really.
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I know;


And a few other people who i can't remember the username of.
leaping badger is my homie, and ianl is my brother. we all live near each other. especially me and my brother.
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