well i know how the modes are built and the scale patterns for all the modes and how it all fits in....but how do i solo using them?i mean like all it is is the major scale going from the different root notes but still uses the same notes so how do i make it have the special sounds that each mode has?
Learn something easy like the pentatonic. Then play it up and down, throw in random bends here and there, then make up riffs, etc. Soon youll be all over the place.
I am trying to establish your knowledge. Firstly, You do know that Pentatonics aren't scales, yeah?

Do you know the 5 pentatonic forms?
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pentatonic isnt a scale?i thought it was just a scale with 5 notes....1 3b 4 5 7b and the root
and i dont think i know the 5 forms
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