Hmmm, the first one, as said above, was balanaced terribly. The walking line was ok, but the melody over the top of it was pretty boring and it didnt flow very well. The timing was an issue for me on this one. It was also very very short. Not sure what effect you had over the walking bassline but take it off, it sounded like an envelope filter of some sort. Not cool in Jazz lines.

The second one with the guitar had a very trebly sound too it, you need to roll the treble right back, i barely heard any bassy notes at all, not a jazz tone in sight. The guitar progression was cool, i liked that. Dan, what are the chords please mate? The melodic line was good, but was out of time in some places, especially in the fast runs, and it needs a bit more feeling. I didnt feel like either of the pieces were being played from the heart.

I voted for number two, as i feel it had more potential.

Of course, with respect.

Good job guys
I really prefered the second one. It was kind of a toss up, the first one was way too bassy and the second one was hardcore treble. But the second I think had more of a potential to be a good line. The first one had a better progression I thought but there wasn't as much substance. The second was out of place alot of times but I think with a little metronome work it could have been a fairly good line.
Applehead, the chord progression was Dm, Am Gm. Yeah, my timing was off, but it was actually one of the few times I've tried to solo over something so I was pleased it had any sort of melody over it lol.
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ok dont flame me, but am i the only one who didnt like these ? especially the last one, now ive been playing for only 8 months so im not an expert of anything like that but just didnt like them at all.

the second one at times sounded as though it wa going to be good but then sounded as if the bassist missed a fret and muted it or something...?

the first one was nicer. better than the second.

Sorry for my lack of constructed critisism, im not an expert. Just didnt feel it, out of interrest how long you guys been playing?

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Find a tone in between those two and it will sound much better, I don't really need to say why, everyone else has already said it.

The first just didn't flow well, it sounded good though, nice melody. Just, it needs to be smoother, and have nicer transitions, it has potential though.

The second was just so gosh darn sharp. It sounded like a baritone guitar almost. It's tough for jazz to sound nice with such a harsh sound.

Maybe both should be re-done and mixed better for better analysis(sp)
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well... i don't really like either...

the second one is trying WAY too hard, way too much fiddling, and the first one's bass effects was not something i liked...
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