Alright so the locking tuners I ordered from Guitar Center just came in today, and I wanted to know is there a certain way to tune the guitar when you are using locking tuners. They are Fender/Schaller (sp?) locking tuners if that helps, I would usually wrap the string arond the peg a good 3 times of the E, A, and D strings, and like 5 ot 6 for the G, B, e strings. Is it necessary to still do this or will one wrap suffice? Thanks for any help.
At least 3-4 is good with proper and tidy windings. Dont just wrap once, the strings could slip or snap during the tuning process.

Just tune like normal

EDIT: For Fender/Schaller locking tuners i think you'd have to manually unlock/lock the tuners using your fingers (unlock before tuning and lock it when you're happy).
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Alright so I followed Fender's website advice:

"Locking tuning keys - Imagine the headcap of the neck is the face of a clock, with the top being at 12 o'clock and the nut at 6 o'clock. Line the six tuning machines so that the 1st string keyhole is set at 1 o'clock, the 2nd at 2 o'clock, the 3rd and 4th at 3 o'clock, the 5th at 4 o'clock, and the 6th at 5 o'clock. Pull the strings through taut, and tighten the thumb wheel locking the string in. Now tune to pitch."

Now when I did that and tuned the guitar the strings didn't wrap around the peg like at all, here are some pics so you can see what im talking about (its from my phone so they aren't the best shots but you can see what im talking about)

You can see they haven't wraped around the peg, so is this normal for locking tuners? And if so what do I do with the excess string, just cut it as close to the tuning peg?
hmmmmmmmmm....maybe you are just meant to keep at 1 tuning maybe?
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you've done it right, just cut them off as close to the post as you can.
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Yeah, with locking tuners, you don't put multiple wraps since it could cause slippage, I made that mistake the first time I put strings on my Tele and I thought the tuners sucked. But alas, when I used the method used above, they were perfect.
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