Here I lie. Alive in stasis. The flames which engoulph adhere festering corrosions upon my body. An existence, depleted of being, but amplified in feeling, Is perpetually incinerated and revamped for continuous sensations of martyrdom.This is you're new home. Conception overthrown, by the pain which dulges my being of innocence! Unable, to respond to the anger,that courses through these opened vanes,A scream, forged by the concomitants of animus and pain, escapes through my throat,I had lost it all, I had at last gone insane.. A disbelief had guided me here, and strangled me into this eternal conclusion, forevermore my suffering is the primary concern.laments uttered. Unrightful my creator, I pray decide to take his place.
Yeah...Sorry I usually write stuff with more meaning.
Be honest.
I'm gonna drive all night, take some speed. I'm gonna wait for the sun to shine down on me. I cut a hole in my roof in the shape of a heart snf I' goin' out west where they'll appreciate me"

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