Cocaine sasquatch

well he came outa the woods
bout twenty years ago
an he got himself a job
an bought himself some blow

now he was doin good
for a couple years or so
till he got hooked an
that stuff wouldn’t let him go

cuz he’s a cooocaaaaine saasquaaatch
(never gets enough)
he’s a cooocaaaaine saasquaaatch
(just take a hit when the goin’ gets rough)

an he lost his house
an he lost his wife
an everything’s fallin
apart in his life

he’s getting yelled at at work
so he punches his boss
an they tell him he’s fired
and he says ‘your loss’

an now he’s speedin down the road
the pigs close on his tail
so he floors the pedal
while behind the sirens wail

he rips the seal and
does another line of cheer
the cops are closin in
but he has no fear

cause he’s a cooocaaaaine saaasquaaatch
(he never gets enough)
coooocaaaaine saaasquaatch
(take another hit when the goin gets rough)

he’s swervin all over
cuz his head’s full of snow
an he’s going real fast
but don’t know where to go

now the cops are on his sides
and he hears the gun fire
and his car’s flyin
cuz they shot out his tire

he wrecked into a ditch
and fled into the trees
and no one’s seen him since
cuz he went where no one could see

he’s a cooocaaaaine saaaasquatch
(see him there behind that tree)
cooocaaaaine saaasquaaatch
(shakin from the DT’S)
Remember when we were in Africa? -Jim Morrison
um... lol... yes it does, but i fail to see the relevance?
Remember when we were in Africa? -Jim Morrison
This is pretty funny.
My suggestion to you is to start drinking heavily.--John Belushi

Money doesn't talk; it swears.--Bob Dylan
lol.. yeah, i think it's my own personal Primus song...
Remember when we were in Africa? -Jim Morrison
puts me in mind of John Prine-be great with an acoustic cross picking pattern
yeah. lol. i kinda thought it had that 'bob-dylan-wants-to-tell-us-all-a-story' ring to it.
Remember when we were in Africa? -Jim Morrison
Nice work, humourous but not to an inappropriate level. Well written, can't find anything to complain about, great job!
Nicolle. Me. Got it?
ha well thanx. guess not bad for a something that i wrote in five minutes standing up at work. lol
Remember when we were in Africa? -Jim Morrison
that rocks, you should maybe make each verse flow better
And as I rise above the tree lines and the clouds
I look down, hearing the sound of the things you've
said today
Was he ever caught by federal officers, I would really like a follow up to see what happened in his later years.
ah. the fans are already shouting for a sequel lol. i dunno... that all depends if i have another five minutes at work to spare or not this week...
Remember when we were in Africa? -Jim Morrison
love dead like a crushed fly

for those of you who said you'd be interested in hearing my lyrics put to music- I started work on recording an album, if you get in touch with me pm or otherwise I'd be more than happy to fill you in