Just out of curiousity, how many of you have bands that aren't just five ugly white guys? I'm sure we have a good mix of ethnic groups on UG, but how does everyone's bands compare mixes of ethnic and sexual orientation diversity. I used to be in one of the most diverse bands in my rural area and we used this to our advance. Our drummer was Paraguayan and our singer was black. We got the most crap from people because we had a singer who was black... although this guy didn't live any type of "African-American life-style."

I was also in a band once with a guy who was unaccepting of any minority group and was STRONGLY against gays. He would make many people uncomfortable with his comments and jokes....even if he just met them. This was a big reason he got fired from the band we were in. Especially when he started making fun of minority groups that the band members belonged to!

I know it comes down to how well you can play ... sometimes. But I do take looks into consideration when hiring people for live shows. That's not to say I'm looking for specific ethnic groups.. but I'm just seeing what everyone else is doing.
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Well, my band has only white guys, just because nobody is stupid enough to emigrate to eastern europe :P (sorry all fellow Slavs, i just had to say this )
errr.r..my band is full of asian dudes,

it just happened,

i dont think ethnicity has anything to do with diversity, i mean in places like canada and the us, a lot of the colored people are finely melted into western living. As far as diversity goes, i think musican diversity is something more interesting, like having a band of guys that like completely opposite genres, and they come together to create a unified sound. With visual diversity, i dont really think it matters.

Who puts a band together taking diversity in ethnicity as a piece of critieria in making music?? visual presentation is completely different than diverse ethnicity. If you see a band with 5 guys, all being different races, i wouldnt automatically think that they were somehow a great band off the bat,

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we're a band of 4 white guys, but our drummer was on prom court, and one of the guitarists was on homecoming court, so we're not ugly fat guys.
Three ugly white guys, one ugly Sapnish guy, and one pretty white guy (me of course....
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Our lead guitarist is quarter mexican but thats it. We didnt exactly desgin it that way we just found the best musicians and the guys who we liked the best were white. There were some good guys of spanish background but we picked who we thought was the best.

If someone left the band and a musician came up that was amazing it wouldnt matter what race he is at least IMO
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our band is just 4 ugly white dudes, but we're auditioning singers and one is a girl and one is gay. I think we're going to end up with the girl since she doesn't like or sing any emo.
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me and my drummer are both part Irish, something we like to be proud of. and our new lead lead guitarist might be a chick.
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The singer in my band is from Chile, apart from that we're all swedes.