hey i have a 62 reissue strat with a synchronized tremelo which is tuned in standard.

ive heard if u tune it differently it will mess with the springs and stuff so is there a way to block the whole thing and basically disable the tremelo? as if it was a hard tail?

thanks in advance
You can buy a little dealio that makes the bridge stay in place. Or you can shove a block of wood (or legos? lol) in there to keep it still. Or do what I did and add more springs. That way its always in the same place but you can still dive on the trem.
go with the lotsa springs method. works best with strats.

and i dunno what this guy above me is talking about.
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HA...Legos...I've used Legos to fix so many problems!!

If you have it tightened, changing tunings really won't cause a problem. If your bridge starts to lift towards the rear, then you need to tighten the tremolo spring claw in the back of the guitar. If that doesn't work, go with extra springs. If you don't want to buy extra springs (they're only a couple bucks for a bag of 5 on Ebay) wedge something square into the tremolo cavity between the tremolo block and the rear of the body.