Well, as the title says i'm in a metal band and we really need a singer.
We're an Old School/Thrash/Speed Metal band from Melbourne
We got everything but a singer
The drummer can scream
But that isnt really much of a help coz he's like... the drummer
And we want a singer anyway, but if they scream too thats kool

Well, we're all around 15 years old
So anyone around there would b good
like, between 13-17.

We live around the areas of Dandenong, Narre Warren, Hallam and Berwick
SO of course you'd have to live in that area

We play stuff like Trivium, Lamb Of God, Metallica, Slayer, SOAD, SkipKnot, Disturbed, Black Sabbath and Anthrax.

So if ur interested PM me or add my MSN or myspace (in my sig) and we can talk about it
Gooby Pls.
haha i would give you guys a go if you were in sydney
apparently im told by my band i have a good mattt heafy voice.
Matt Heafy!
Thats the kinda voice we're looking 4

Trivium are awesome
The whole lot of us are heavily influenced my them

Y does Sydney have everything?
Down here in Melbourne we're left out
You guys are too close to the capitol...

haha ah well
Gooby Pls.
man... im gonna start singing soon... if i can get it figured out i might tryout

edit: nvm ... i will only be able to scream, my voice sucks
haha yeah, i cant sing or scream yet
Voice is kinda still breaking so its a bit hard
Gooby Pls.