i have the software, but what else do i need to record the guitar, bass, and vocals?
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a mixer with usb output would help a lot. or you could just build a cable by cutting into an old guitar cable and an old pair of headphones and connect the ground to the ground and the two signal cables. then connect the 1/4" adapter to your mixer or pedal and the 1/8" hp adapter to your line-in input on your computer. **** a good luck

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Get a soundcard that supports ASIO or ASIO2 or youll have latency problems when overdubbing tracks. I think the cheapest route would be something like a m-audio 2496 that can be had for 60-80? E-mu 1212m and m-audio audiophile 192 are something like 150ish. They both have 1/4 out and in.

They can handle recording the bass, guitar, and dynamic microphones but only 2 tracks at a time. If you want more inputs/phantom power/gain controls externally you can get more expensive cards with external boxes. etc

Go checkout m-audio and E-mu's sites
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