Hello everyone, well as the title says I really screwed up my bass' body. For about 2 years I've wanted to build my own guitar. Since then I've just switched to bass and picked up a Ibanez SG300 and decided to custimize that and carve some designs in the body and stuff. I'm in art school and I've done sculptures and stuff so I know what I'm doing for the most part... just never done any wood carving. But hey wood carving should be easy right? So I looked up some stuff on how to strip guitars and it seemed easy enough the whole sanding for hours and hours thing. well it turned out to be a good 20 hours or so by my calculations maybe more. Unlike ALL the information I found out there on striping my bass had some 5 layer metallic car kind of pant that was about 1/16 of an inch at least. And if that wasn't enough there was some kind of epoxy or wood sealer that was another 1/16th on an inch of thicker underneath. Boy oh boy that was fun....

So, 2 days later I finally get it down to just the wood and started carving away. Agathis is supposably good for carving from what I've found online but I'd beg to differ! Well maybe it's because I don't really know how to carve or I was using cheap walmart tools. Who knows, anyways in addition it is being somewhat hard to carve, I quickly discovered how horribly boring wood carving is... and I thought painting and sculpting took a long time. Anyways, I've since decided to scratch the carving idea and have more of less flattened out the relief stuff I carved but now the top of the body isn't going to be flat anymore. And now I'm sorta lost now.

Anyone have any idea how I can fix this disaster?? As much as I'd like to just buy a new body or something off ebay, I just bought this about 2 weeks ago, I'm short on cash and I'm even worse at wiring than I am at wood carving. Is there anything I could do to cover all the mistakes and be able to smooth it flat than paint over it? Maybe I could just hack off the top?

Sorry for the bad pic, i only have the camera on my laptop to use.

This was the concept, the white parts were the highest points and everything else was going to be relief.

well if you have not tried to sand it smooth yet you could try filling where you carved out with wood putty or something along that line. you don't have a pic up either

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yeah wood putty, but thing with wood putty is that its really soft. I have heard that car body filler is good. just whack a heap of it on and then sand it all smoothe.
bah stupid pictures not working... well it dosen't seem i have much of a choice, I wanted to stain the wood but can't if i do that. But it's gunna look horrible unless I do that. ugh...
new body blank and start from scratch? this may, however require a router, or take it to a shop for routing... and use some scraps of wood to practise before you start on your guitar...

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I'd fill it with bondo or epoxy. Bondo will be easier becaus it's thick and you can sculpt it. Bondo is also that epoxy type undercoat you were talking about before so really you would just be adding something that you already sanded off. Algee is a great one to pm about this stuff.
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Go down to the hardware store and find a polyurethane epoxy that can be used on wood/furniture. Fill the gouge with that and even use extra becuase you'll be able to sand it off once it dries anyway.