Is there any difference in sound between a covered humbucker and an uncovered humbucker? just curious cause i'm in the process of customising and i need to know
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uncovered=brighter, maybe more noise(not likely), unrefined look

covered=darker,glassier, more well sheilded, more of a clean look
so like a covered humbucker with sound bassier?
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if you mean covered by putting a plated iron cover over it the output will go down a bit and it will eat some of the high end out of your tone. so it's going to be a bit softer sounding and less loud
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i didn' understand any of that.
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Uncovered are hotter, uncovered are a bit more muffled to be less bright and more mellowish.

I don't think it makes a huge difference in sound though, so...
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Im neutral in the argument about whether or not the chrome cover effects your output/tone in any way. When I took the cover off my pickup on my LP, I thought it changed the tone a bit..but it really didnt. So idk. I didnt notice any difference with my stuff.