I have a lil' problem standing up while I'm playing. I dunno if my strap is messed up, cause when I drop hold of the guitar, the neck points right down the floor... So I have to hold the guitar up quite a bit, which is annoying. Anyone know what to do about it?
is it an sg?
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Are you putting it on the correct way I'm not being rude dont take it the wrong way.

The thicker bit on the strap gose at the bottom of the guitar, just try it the oppist way around.
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guitars such as SG's have lighter body wood than the neck so the neck tends to drag down... wat guitar u have
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Your guitar is what is know as "top heavy" means the neck, and head stock of your guitar is heavier than the body, i have the same problem with my Gould SG knockoff. I suppose you could add weight to the body somehow, but i wouldn't recommend it. Maybe someone else knows a sollution.
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If it has a good body, a nice long neck and 6 strings i'd hit it like Ron Jeremy on viagra.
Hapens on a lot of guitars, Acoustics and hollowbodies are the worst in my experience.

Really nothing much you can do about it, as someones already said you could try to add weight to the body, but that's just gonna make the whole lot heavy and unconfortable to play for long periods of time. So my advice would be to learn to live with it.
Get a strap with suede or something with good grip on the bottom part that touches your shoulder. A wider strap would help too.
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you could move the strap button from the middle of the body to higher (if its an Sg)
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Put your strap on your shoulder that is closesth to the neck, for most players thats the left shoulder. Maybe you do that wrong?
i still dont know what guitar you're using. i happen to love my SG's button placement, which i hated at first. slaped some straplocks on there and never looked back. alot of it is practice. how you hold yourself and such. button placement, strap width, and everything else contributes too. keep playing, you'll figure it out
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Well, it's an Explorer... Haha, I'm quite confident that I have placed my guitar correctly Guess it must be what some of you said about heavier neck. Tough life aint' it?
Ya i have a LP and that bugger is a pain for tipping. Just hold it up is the only option. And hey, makes your arm stronger.
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Get a Leather strap
Or sew some grippy rubber or something onto your strap where its on your shoulder, it should help it from sliding.
Hmm, is your strap in the right position on your shouldeR? Like, are you sure you're centering the strap, so that the neck doesnt have most of the strap, allowing it tilt down?

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Get a strap with suede or something with good grip on the bottom part that touches your shoulder. A wider strap would help too.

My guitar had the same exact problem and one time when I was in a guitar shop trying out guitars the dude lend me a strap that was kinda like suede and it like stuck to your clothes kinda.

So yeah go for a strap that sticks to your clothes better and you will be alright.
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theres these things they sell at the counter of office max that you put on your dashboard to stop stuff from sliding off. try getting one of those. i dint know if they still sell em but its worth a try.