I decided to record both Steve's Vai's For the Love of God and the outro solo to Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb. Both are completely improvised, and I did them in one take so I wasn't too picky about things. Recorded through a Digitech RP50 straight into Acid Pro 4.0 and then edited in Nero Wave Editor. I did these recordings with my Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus. These are my first recordings on UG so I really want feedback.

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I got a 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch adapter and plugged it straight into my mic jack.
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Yeah, it's straight from the output on the pedal to the input on the computer. Quality is quite good IMO. But I did a lot of editing and stuff to get things to sound as good as possible and I played with the levels a bit. I was trying to go for a tone somewhere's between Steve Vai and Ollie (poets of the fall).
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Only thing I can say about the Comfortably numb solo is that I felt the tone was way too muffled. Needs to be really trebly and pretty raw IMO, but the playing was great so I can't fault that at all. Good job.
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very bad tone/recording quality, but the playing was extremely good. how long have you been playing, because that was very good.
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Critting while listening........

Your Floyd stuff is great. Your playing is excellent, very Gilmour-ish. There is something about the tone that I just don't like though. I can't put my finger on it but something about it just doesn't sound right. It could be too much fuzz or just the fact that you recorded it right into the computer instead of mic-ing your amp. Otherwise excellent piece. You are a very talented player. 9/10

As for the Vai tune, again the tone just doesn't grab me. But the playing is awesome. You have killer chops on this one. Everything is in time. All the bends and arpeggiated stuff sounds great. It could just be my old ears but I would like to hear this mixed with the guitar being a little louder. I think your backing track is a little too loud or the guitar isn't quite loud enough. The ending is awesome, man, I wish I could play like that. Nice work 9.5/10

And thanks a lot for the honest and useful crit on my stuff. I appreciate it. Peace.
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I've been playing just over 3 years. Of course, I've spent about half that time working on playing lead. All that stuff was improv, and it was only a one-take thing so there are a few note choices that weren't the best. Anyways, thanks for the comments guys.
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nice nice nice!! you really did great man! only thing i dont like is your tone. maybe some proper setting will make it better. recording quality is not that good. try double tracking your lead. simple double tracking will greatly improve the quality of recording.

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Im only going to crit the Comforatably Numb solo cuz ive never heard the other song...
It was very very good and i cudnt see any real mistakes and your playing was great
but i actually liked your tone for some reason

thanks for the crit
As promised, crit from me

I've not heard the original, but that was a good recording. I enjoyed that.

Nice lead tone, but it could have been a bit louder and perhaps a touch brighter.

Good playing, couldn't hear any mistakes.

Great job dude

Thanks for critting mine