Im building a pedal board and ive heard good about 2 pedals that are similar,but diffrent.
I see the obvious diffrences but is the second 1 really worth it?
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I've owned both of them and I'd say if you wanted more punk tones really sticky and middy go for the DS-2 but i liked the DS-1 better. I just think it sounded better.
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The choice depends on which style(s) you want to play.

For example, Nirvana's Kurt Combain used the DS-2 a lot.
If you go for metal, then the MT-2 is definitely the best choice, but for other styles (rock, blues) it is way to heavy.

The DS-1 is good, but it produces a quite sharp, flat sound.
For the most versatile distortion box, I would recommend the DS-2.

You can test all of them on the Virtual Pedalboard @ http://www.bossus.com
how much money do you have, and what type of tones are you after?
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