Hi, i was thinking of putting a prs tremonti treble pickup in my bridge position on my les paul. This made me think, what are the differences between an epiphone les paul and a gibson les paul, both standard. Obviously pickups and wood, but if i upgraded my pickups to the prs tremontis would my epi be any where as good as a gibson in terms of sound. what does anyone think of this? I like Mark Tremontis tone but what would the pickups be like in a les paul and would they work well. Thanks for your time
The wood is everything in a guitar. People over look the actual amount of tone you get from the wood. That is the biggest difference in the two guitars. The wood for the gibsons is extremely rare, hence the rising price. Another is the finish, gibsons are made with a special nitrocellulos that is very different that that of the epi. The gibson type is thinner in composition so that more coats can be applied while the wood still rings true. So in short, no, no matter what pickups you put in an epi, it will not sound like a gibson. As far as adding a tremonti pickup, it may or may not make your guitar sound "better". It's not going to make you sound like mark tremonti however you may like the tone of the pickup, I didn;t know prs made that pickup outside of the guitar. I don't know why they would, his career is like over.
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No it wouldn't sound the same, or as good, if you can say that Gibson LPs sound good. Gibsons have better wood, which is important, expecially for a wood like mahogany which is very sensitive in terms of quality. Also Gibson use Gibson PAFs in their Gibson guitars and 'Epiphone High output humbuckers' in their Epis, so I would imagine that'd make a difference as well.
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pickups matter a great deal. but i wouldnt put a mark tremonti one in, partly because i think hes gay but mostly because the pickups that gibson sells are cheaper and better than most. i just dropped i 500T in my gibson SG to replace the stock 490T and the difference is outstanding. it sounded great before, but now it is SO much clearer and responsive, yet brutal when i dig into it. cost? 70 bones. and 10 minutes of soldering. wood matters, but pickups are a GREAT way to alter your tone fast and effectively. bottom line, the guitar oculd be made out of plastic and the pickups can still make it sound half decent (i.e. jack white's airline)
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A better guitar definitely has its advantages. I also didn't believe it until I actually purchased my first PRS USA Singlecut for $2000....not I know that it really makes a difference

But a pup swap will help you. The tremontis are amazing pups. I used them for almost a year before getting my PRS.
Well a pup wap will only help with a decent amp.

So as Tommyt said, what amp do you have?
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thanks so far guys the advice is helping quite a lot, i have a peavey bandit 112