Can anyone recommend some software for recording. I play guitar (well, I'm still learning) and I want to make my own songs.

I have a laptop and a big external hard drive. I need some software to play guitar into (either by mic or guitar port which im thinking of getting) and then have effects or drum loops etc to accompany the guitar / singing.

I should point out its electric guitar.

Any ideas of software that comes with sound fonts / drum loops etc. Doesn't have to be free.
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Hey, GM - do you know if it "enhances" voice a la professional software - my voice isn't the absolute strongest and needs a little "boost".
always in the poo, only the depth changes
search the threads. there is a thread that has a lot of recording software. Yes all of those can "enhance" your voice.
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here's one my fellow rocker try www.audacity.com it records everything has chorus anything you want it's pretty suitable for doing the things you want to do with it

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Thanks for the advice guys!
always in the poo, only the depth changes
If you get the Guitar Port and use Audacity, you can set Audacity to record directly from Guitar Port. It records directly from the USB so it's extremely clean. With all of the effects and stuff in Guitar Port, you can get just about any sound you want. Plus, for $100 (without the Rifftracking Software) you can't beat it in my opinion.

I use that to load into Propellerheads Reason. I load it into Recycle and export it to a .rex file. If you're familiar with Reason, you can then play it through the Dr. Rex loop player.

If you are using Reason, or another sequencing program, using the Guitar Port and Audacity will let you play the composition in the background while you play the guitar to it. Since it's running through the USB, Audacity will only pick up the input signal from the Guitar Port.
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