i was looking around for a left handed sg and found this:


it looks a little beat up, but its from 1978 and is only 900 bucks.

does this sound good? otherwise im gonna get one from musiciansfriend

the bridge looks different from normal gibsons, and don't the horns look odd as in a bit too long and spiky (for lack of a better word)?
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no the bridge is normal, back then some had those kinds, trust me. but i hope those cracks or scratches by the controls are scratches otherwise thats kinda bad. otherwise it looks pretty good. a new nut would only be a few dollars to buy and install. maybe try and offer him a little less or something to see if you can save a few dollars?
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That looks pretty good! Ask him if he changed the bridge out tho, because that does look a lil messed up, but If you got the dollars its cheaper than a new one!
i emailed him about the "scratches". ill wait for him to get back to me about it.

would it be horrible if the scratches turned out to be cracks? an if so, why?

it is 500 dollars cheaper than a new lefty sg...