Van Halen Rocks. Eddie is the best guitarist in the freaking world!!!!
This thread is to discuss his amazing technique and talent.
Whats your favorite song by VH ?
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Word up he quite owns. Runaround is My fav song. Not only is he one of the best lead guitarist around, hes also overlooked as one of the best rhythm guitarists too! Just listen to Mean Street and youll be a lifetime beliver. BTW there probably a million threads like this.
Ice Cream Man is my favorite. I like EVH, but DLR makes the band. Just look at Van Hagar.
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Unchained and Why Can't This be Love are my favs.


"Unchained" rules

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Isn't there a only VAN HALEN thread ?

There are actually several Van Halen threads floating around this forum. No "only" thread though. With a simple "Search", one could surely locate them
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