Crit for crit.

The sky is blue because it's reflecting the ocean.
And the clouds take the shapes of the objects below them.
As the rain falls down all the flowers are growing.
Why do you think there's no clouds at night?
The moon's just reflecting sunlight.

But when the day breaks it will bring light to the people.
And they'll appreciate its beauty beneath phony steeples.
'It's all pretty now', they scream, as they pull out the needles.
And nothing could ever stop this high.
And no one's ever gonna try.

Because pity means weakness and weakness breeds conscience.
The little voice in your head telling you you're wrong regardless.
And any attempt to be right is futile, its pointless.
Do not fight yourself, you will lose.
So quickly, ask for a truce.

Yeah, the walls of this town are expertly guarded.
Only stars can look down upon the lives that are started.
Until suddenly, they all become martyrs.
And release their gaze, you are free.
Now don't come crying to me.

Stop saying life is over when eternity just started.
The universe is a circle, it spins forever on an axis.
And after endless rebirths it'll be impossible to track us.
We will be born to new bodies.
But still die naked on the street.

It doesnt have a title or anything. But there you go. Have at it.
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