There have been a lot of threads about this.
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hi , thanks guys, the search facility on this site is pretty bad. type wireless and get thousands of pointless results !
anyway, the freeport looks good, but I have a gibson les paul, I notice the cable would stick out, can you get the other connections to this wireless system ?
Amm... You could buy it seperatly costing maybe another £5 like. It would be a good one too! Like I have that same imput on my Jackson and it doesnt really bother me..
cable would stick out, - Angled was the word ! )
ok cheers, think I'll get one of those systems.
actually, is it worth paying a little more for a wireless system ? I don't want it fking up after a few gigs..
I have played a few gigs with it and its like new.. I never liked Samson, just seems weird. And I dont like the AKG because they have only single frequencys and thats too dodgy imo.