OK well this is something i've been wondering for a while(dunno if its been asked before). I know the story behind blackie is that Eric Clapton bought 6 strats gave three of them away and then built blackie from the best parts of the remaining three. My question is what happened to the rest of the parts for the two guitars that were left over?
Well besides of Blackie he had another signature guitars, you can search pictures on google.
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i know about the other signature guitars i just wonder what happened to the parts that were left ovewr from blackies construction
blackie is his sig guitar
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No one really knows. I saw this same question in a decent UK guitar magazine and they didn't have a clue and couldn't find out it would seem. Seems doubtful Clapton would remember himself.
Well from what i know Blackie wasn't the first guitar which was from other guitars. Id guess some of them went to other guitars or so.
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From what I remember, he initially bought 6 strats...3 of them went away as gifts to George Harrison, Pete Townshend and Steve Winwood. As far as the fate of the other parts that weren't good enough for blackie...probably thrown away. Either that, or there are 2 guitars floating around that were simply not good enough for god.
Well I think the only part of the guitar that gave its body to Blackie that was any good was the body itself - apparently the electronics were terrible, in particular - so I guess the fate of that guitar and the two others was to be thrown out after Clatpon had done stealing their best bits.
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