ok so like after all the run around after the holidays and more burned off stress
i went to guitar center and i picked up some nessacary shit for recording. mixer and mics...well i was in there and this dude behind the counter was like playin with the cash register looked like a tottal idiot...i go to cash out...and hes like so thats cool. whats a mixer...and i began to explain...half way through my explaining he goes..i love coffee...i was like wtf so im like yea me too?? i looked dumbfounded...finally he goes do u have that new software and im like ??? what..hes like ya know that software that well u play guitar and it like tabs it for you automatically..and i was like no i didint no there was such a thing...he goes it is the greatest thing since coffee..im like k i gotta go...hes like bye friend...im like sure...i ended up going home and iffy to believe him i called a friend and he said he had heard of such a thing but didint know anything other then that...so i searched..and still nothing...do you guys on UG know anything about this????
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No, but I would actually BUY that software.
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he was probably effin around with u,
but actually i do know of such a thing,

guitar pro, it can tab out midi format from any midi file, and there is some sort of convertor, a jack to plug into your guitar and into the computer, and it will tab out automaticly. brb gonna check that out
like, I kinda know what your takin about like, but like, I cant remember like, the name of the software, its like not in the memory cells of my brain right now like.

Just kidding. I don't think there is tabbing software that listens to what you play and tabs it as you go, but I could be wrong mate.
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I don't know of any, but it wouldn't be hard to develop something like that. There are already software tuners that recognize notes. How hard is it to make a program that writes successions of notes down as tab?

The hard part is making it recognize more subtle stuff like slides, bends, timing. Chords, or more strings played together would also pose problems.

So I guess it wouldn't be that easy after all.
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