I got a Washburn Dime v and where the strings go through the body, the metal piece that lines the hole and holds the string in fell out, and i couldnt find it.
So stupidly i put the string in anyways and when i went to take it out later that month it was stuck up in the wood because the metal lining piece was gone and it got pulled up, i can hit the string out with a small alan wrench or screwdriver, but i called washburna nd they dont think thay have the piece for it because they havent made the guitar for a wile.

Any ideas on what i could do to stop the string fromg etting pulled into the wood?
Hm. Lemme get this straight. The little metal piece protecting the wood from the tension of the string fell out, so now when you wind it up it's digging into the wood itself.. Hm. Have you considered duct tape? Just layer a few really tiny strips on and stick that down there.