I want to know the best (FREE) Drums Sampler!
Some program that allows to import MIDI files & export WAV / MP3 files!
Can't say I've seen anything like that that's free. The free ones like Hotstepper, Hammerhead and Hydrogen are step sequencers that don't allow MIDI imports. I don't know how Beatcraft works but I think it's basically the same thing.
Step sequencers are those programs like Fruity Loops? I don't want any of that, unless they also feature direct and simple MIDI import. I tried Reason but it took me a lot of time to configure the sampler kit.
I was wondering if there's anything like that (free or not) but with a much simpler approach?
See if The Incredible Drum Machine or Drumsite works. I can't find enough documentation on either to verify but they both mention MIDI import. In the end though, it's usually best to do this kind of work in a decent sequencer and use a good sample set (say, EZDrummer or BFD).