I have made this thread before but I didn\'t get anywhere with it. Ok here\'s the deal, I have been playing bass for around 7 months and I am completely self taught and i\'m not a bad bass player, I can play slap decently, I am excellent with using a pick, and I can finger pick. That\'s not bragging or anything just giving you a rough idea of my ability.

Ok back to the main point, after 7 months of teaching myself I need help badly for reading music, I am going to learn to read music because I want to really get into theory so I can progress as a musician.

What are the best ways of learning how to read music and figure out where the notes are on the bass without having to get a teacher. I really want to go on as a self taught player.
Well in bass clef the lines are G, B, D, F, and A. The spaces are A, C, E, G. In treble clef the lines are E, G, B, D, F. And the spaces are F, A, C, E.

I suggest you buy a book on reading sheet music and a book with written sheet music in it that looks easy to play. That way you can learn terms and such, and then you also get good at sight reading music. That's the only way you'll get better at reading.
Buy bass guitar for dummies, it has a very simple to understand section on reading musical staff. Also you should actually get a teacher, it prevents you from forming bad habits that will hinder your playing later.
As musiclover said, you need to suck up your pride and get a teacher. Even the pros recommend it. you don't get a special award for being self taught, and often you will lag behind what you could do. I will soon be attempting to get one myself after not wanting to for the same reason.

Assuming you know the basics of reading music, the only way to get better at it is to practice and read everything you can.
I have not the slightlest clue how to read music, so i'll try to get a teacher.
supporting statement:

a good teacher is a the best thing you can do for yourself. Find someone who plays upright though. do not go to a guitar store for lessons!!!!!!!!!!
go to a local college and seekout a bass major in the music department. he/she needs money and will work cheap. and knows what they are doing.

Music is a language. Learn it well before you use it or you'll just sound stupid.
I got my teacher from one of my 3 local guitar shops, but he is the music instructor of the college in the town across the river.
Bass is my life.