I connected my electric guitar to my amplifier (Laney), and plugged my Sony MDR-V700DJ headphones into the "external amp"-output. And I heard the guitar when I played (mono (L), of course). But when I connected the "external amp"-output to the input of my PC's internal soundcard, I got noise. Loads of it. I had to crunch the volume on the amp all the way up in order to heard the guitar play faint and "bitcrushed" in the background. I've tried changing the audio input settings in all kinds of ways, but still no change. I even tried plugging it in another computer. What may be the reason for the noise? Digital vs. Analogue signals?

What kind of cable are you using? Is this a balanced-signal output from the amp? You are probably just picking up electrostatic interference from the computer itself. Shielded cables would help.
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Make sure you connected it to the line-in jack, not the mic jack

make adjustments in the volume control
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@mtrilus: the cable is the average audio cable you use on "normal" audio sources like an mp3 player. Jack, 3,5mm, "enhanced" with an 3.5->6.3mm adapter in one of the ends.

@madpickin: volume controls adjusted in all possible directions , still, no change. But I will check a possible mic/line-in issue

Thank you so far! )
line in works great..

but straight out of the amp still gives me noise, i just go straight from the headphone jack from my rp250 to my pc, that works great

but not everyone has that option,

they have recording adapters/ hubs you could look into