Hey guys, just wanted to know if any of you guys bought, know of, or have seen any GOOD bass instructional dvds.

(somebody bought me a gift box of stuff for my bass, none of it useful at all )

i would prefer if the DVD was in Guitar center
it's more about finger tenchnique and finger playing than slapping and popping

thanks a lot in advance.

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Their is a pretty good one on youtube. It's Victor Wooten talking about his style of playing.

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Rocco Prestia has a video called Fingerstyle Funk. I'm not sure whether it's on DVD or not because a friend of mind lent it to me and he got if from his dad so god knows how old it is. If you are familiar with Rocco or his style than it's a really great video and it's got some sweet funky licks in it too. It's all finger picking no slap or pop. I recommend it.