I've been looking at Smokey Amps, made from recycled cigarette packets, but I don't know whether they are any good. So, what do you think? And if you have one, would you recommend it?

One more question, is this website reliable?
The demo they have on that website is pretty accurate as to how it sounds.
If you need cleans, roll down the volume on your guitar.
I've never used it as a preamp/fuzzbox, but it does sound great as a normal little amp.

Speaker breakup can be a little harsh to some, but I like it. Great portable amp for 30 bucks. Also, you won't get a custom cig box, unless you send the company (if you;'re ordering from them) the exact box you want.

I'd just buy it direct from http://smokeyamps.com/ or from eBay.
I don't know anything about that website.
I got one of these for Christmas and I'm quite impressed with it. Sounds quite nice with EMGs running through it!

Just don't expect anyones head to explode while you're playing it!