ok, so i bought a line 6 amp two weeks ago, and im not all too happy with it. The effects are really cheesy and it just all sounds fake and screwed up. SO i noticed this Vox tube amp with built in effects (not sure about those but dont want to buy tons of pedals) and im wondering what people think about it. The reviews are better on the Vox probably because it cost more, but just wondering what people think.

THe vox: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Vox-Valvetronix-AD30VT-30W-Guitar-Combo?sku=481959

and im sure you don't need a link for the line 6....
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it's not a tube amp ,it's a hybrid amp modeler , and we would have needed a link for the line6 amp as there are plenty though if that vox is more expensive it's probably some cheap spider or something . the common answer here will be that the vox is better
We dont need a link to the vox one
You could just say valvetronix or ad30vt or something like that.
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ok, sorry its a line 6 spider II 30 watt, and i have to either return it today since it will be past its 30 days pretty soon, and the Vox is just $100 more.
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if it were an all-tube vox, it would be like comparing a soldano/marshall/fender/mesa to a walkman.

I have an AD30VT and I like it, have been really careful not to break it or cause the onset of some its realibility problems. The effects are just a bit bland for some tastes, but if you need moderate distortion or gain, it works pretty good. It models the AC15, AC30, twin, and tweed pretty well IMHO
ight thanx, i probably shouldn't have made this thread in the first place ,because i guess it was an obvious answer, so i returned the line 6 and will just practice unplugged for awhile. playing clean makes you better right? of course.
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Schecter Omen 6
B-52 At-100 head + 4x12 cab
Yamaha EG303
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While the 30W models of the Vox Valvetronix and Line 6 Spider are targetting the same market, the Vox is a huge improvement. It's built better, more reliable, sounds better, and it's effects are better (although that last one is rather marginal).

As for the tube - I think hybrid amps are gimmicky, since there's too much transistor in the signal path for the tube to really shine. Most hybrid amps use a tube preamp running into solid state power.

In the case with the Vox amps, they have a digital (solid state) preamp, a solid state power amp, but a 'reactor' stage in between the two that runs a single 12AX7 tube. Technically, the 'tube reactor' is part of the power amp, but it's in its first stage, so there is still solid state amplification happening after the tube. Now normally 12AX7 tubes are used as preamp tubes, and not power amp. But in this case, the tube isn't used in the final amplification stages. What it does is add some tube 'warmth' to the overall tone of the amp. I think it does have an effect over the final tone, because the 30-100W Vox models I've tried have all had this tube-like characteristic to their final sound. It's not perfect, and you won't mistake it for a tube amp any time, but I think it does help.

But in the end, the Vox is an all around better amp. If you can trade in that Spider for it, then do yourself a favor. Yeah, the Vox may cost a bit more, but it's more that worth it.
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VOx all the way, it snot tube but its still a great amp, anything is better then line 6.
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Ive played both amps (I think), a line 6 (valvetronix equivalent) one and the Valvetronix. The Vox valvetronix sounds MUCH nicer, the effects were alot better and the overdrive was great.
Still doesnt match up to my Laney LC30II Valve amp. It's the sex