I cant actually stop using the pentatonics. My solos are getting a bit boring at this stage. But I have tried the major and minor harmonic scales and I just cant get them to sound good. So I end up keep going back to pentatonics. How do you get other scales to sound good is the question.
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You spend time in the box pattern for example and just play around find some stuff that sounds good. Also, find a song or solo that uses that scale and memorize the licks they do. For example, Harmonic minor? learn licks from santana's europa.
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If your solos are sounding boring using the pentatonic scale, you should try to find different ways of using the pentatonic. It's the player who makes it "boring", not the scale.

Still, you should learn how to utilize other scales. My guess (it's only a guess) is that you aren't sure of what major scale to use over a given progression. If you would post some sample progressions or songs that you usually solo over, I or another member could explain the process of choosing a good scale.
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