bass player... (me) is looking for a band in the 71822 zip code.(hicktown arkansas).... i doubt i will find anyone here... but its worth a shot... lol


damn i thought i was the only Arkansan that frequented this site. I'm in the 72395 zip(northeast corner). don't have a band though.
hahha.... yeah... im from like texarkana =] right by texas ... lol
what town is you from... .lol
Fear not...There are other musicians in ashdown too. Heavily influenced by (and proficient at) Satriani and Via, but will play any style of music. Hit my Email if you interested arbuckle25@yahoo.com
I also live in Arkansas. Northwestern tip. Rogers to be exact. Finding serious people who aren't already in a band is really hard here. Even then, most of them are grindcore and hardcore.
Slave To The Shred
I, on the other hand am looking for a bass player right here in Ashdown. Not so much of a drive Let me know
ha i live in paris and need a band(guitarist)........anyone near?

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