Looking To find A bassist,Drummer,Singer (i can play lead and i promise i am good and i am getting lessons so i wil be even better!!)

Preferable Influences-Dokken,Kiss,Twisted Sister,Van Halen,Bon Jovi,Ratt AC/DC..Etc


Singer-Can sing high Pitch And Can Sing A Wide Variety Of Stuff
Bassist-Can Play Bass,Scales Etc.

Drummer-can Play Drums,Keep Time

All you Who Want To Bring back the 80's Hair Band Style join with me to bring it all back leather, big hair, spandex, hairspray, Etc.

Plan to learn songs by these influences and play at random places and eventually create our own music For N E info Call Travis At 214-862-8288 Age 15

p.s. no druggies
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hi umm where do u live?
cause i live in Tx but idk if its close and im a drummer and a bassist
i live in royse city, its near rockwall, and not too far from dallas where exactly do you live?