Hi everyone after getting less than satisfactory feeling when looking into the use of headphones with amps to allow me to play quietly I have started to look at portable min amps that i can use to practice in perfect quiet.

The ones I've seen are the CTech Pocket Rock-It V2 that has had some terrible reviews. The Rock man Ace which looks great and the Danelectro Honey Tone. Are there any others? I basically want something small and portable that has ear/headphones that i can use to practice my guitar without waking people up at night, etc.

Any ideas?
I have the honeytone, its alright, i hate how it looks, if thats important to you, but it sounds pretty deace for the money and can get pretty loud to for the size!
the big issue is how it sounds through headphones cos I don't want it to be audible, I want to put headphones on to practice like when other people are asleep. i want it to sound good through headphones.
one of my buddies bought the marshall mini amp a few years back when it first came out. its a pretty nice little unit, well worth getting since you can clip it on your belt and walk around.
the fender one is like a mini-tone master or something. anyways, it sounds great.
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just an update I went to a great little guitar shop in Hull today called Antoine's guitars and in a bit of an impulse went and bought a Marshall MS-2. They were really helpful setting up one with earphones so I could test one out and I bought it for £21.

I must say best 20 quid I ever spent. I love it it's just the perfect thing I were looking for and after spending couple of years trying to find the right silent practice rig, I found just the thing I was looking for. If anything they sound even better through earphones. BTW, I'm using basic apple iPod ones.

But yeah well impressed, thanks everyone for their help. Cheers!