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I had an interesting thought quite a while ago, and thought I'd make a discussion about it: Do you see music as a form of art or of entertainment?
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Artistic Entertainment.
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Why would "art" and "entertainment" be mutually exclusive?
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Yeah, the choices should be artistic entertainment and entertaining art.. I vote art, though, if you had to choose one.
Music is the life of all objects and things that can be expressed through sounds and recieved and translated by our ears, It can be used to express ones soul or describe the feeling one gets from an object or place, Truly great music anyways, I see it as an art far more than just simple entertainment.
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some is art, some is entertainment, some is both.

there isnt really one way to view music. thats what is great about it.
isnt art suppose to be entertaining

people arent going to make a masterpeice without being entertained by it
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Artistic Entertainment.


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both. one can't be without the other. actually come to think of it, its art to those who make it and entertainment to those who listen.
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I see it as both, but more on the Art side.
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it never felt like art @ 2am when it was me and the bassist on the stage and 10 drunk rednecks(including bartender and waitress) in the bar. WORST GIG EVER!
Not all music is art. So entertainment is definately a bigger part of it.
When I listen to music, I recognise it as an art, and I listen for entertainment.

Art is entertainment, as someone said. Why do people go to museums, or concerts, or plays, or films? It's art, but they also do it to have a good time.

If I were a teacher, I'd come up with the word Artytainment and sell it as an education program.
Definitely art, and as with most arts, it is also entertaining.
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It depends whether the music is there to amuse people or to convey some kind of message.
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