So what do you guys think of this extremly musical bands? =)

I think they dont get as much credit as they should, are they to musical for many?
Imo Rick Wakeman is top 3 on keyboard in the world, and Carl palmer in ELP is an awesome drummer! For example.
steve howl is totally amazeing gutarist, even in his old age. thats when music was great,you dont see that kind of song writing thease days. check out some of the yes videos on you tube,good stuff!
Both of these bands are amazing.

I prefer Yes to Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, however, though I have great appreciation for each of them.

Yes, for me, tends to be a little more structured, whereas E.L.P. will, from time to time, sound very experimental.

My favorie Yes albums are Close to the Edge, The Yes Album, and Yes. However, Tales from Topographic Oceans is another album I listen to quite often.

My favorite Emerson, Lake, and Palmer album is Brain Salad Surgery. However, their debut album is amazing as well.
Steve Howe. not Steve Howl.

but they are both fantastic bands. i prefer Yes, but only certain Yes lineups. my fav Yes lineup was. Howe, Squire, Anderson, Wakeman, and Bruford. but White was a pretty good replacement for Bruford.

as for ELP, i really like them, not many bands could get away with not having a guitar player. but having a keyboardist as great as Keith Emerson, they did it.
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