As i have mentioned before in another thread i have a performance coming up, in front of the whole class. My playing is always inferior to that when i'm on my own. I just want to know if there are any relaxation techniques or ways of making myself less nervous for my performance.

I know nervousness is natural and i have to deal with it but i just want something that'll help me tone it down, for the sake of my public playing.

Just have fun on stage. It calms you down a lot although it's hard to believe.
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if your class is a bunch of chavs then i wish you a lot of luck xD. just try breathing in through the nose slowly and breath out the mouth. or to get the light headed feeling a fag gives then breath in for 3 seconds hold it for 3 seconds then breath out very slowly for as long as you can. also if singing eat the strongest mints you can find to help get rid of flem xD. good luck
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as Dr. Cox on scrubs said. Have a Hand shandy. or something like that
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Deep breathing is good, but the best way to think about it is to tell yourself that it's not a big deal. I get wicked bad nerves (hence the shakes in my username) but whenever I'm nervous I just tell myself that I just have to give it my best shot and it won't be the end of the world if i screw it up.
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Just enjoy yourself with it man, and don't give a damn if you screw up.
The only way to kill the pre-show nerves is to play the show. Once you've done it, you wonder what the hell you were worrying about.
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yeah i get that, the first time i play in fornt of people (300) i screwed up, and so did the rest of t he people who i was playing with, and as far as ive heard from onlookers and by the gum that was being thrown at us (:/) we were acboslouely terrible, but i dont care coz i enjoyed it!, the next time i wsa nervous in the days coming up to it, but once it got to it, i wasnt nervous at all, so i say just try not to thnik about it, and take lots of big deep breaths before your playing, also try not to get sweaty, wash your hands before you paly or sumin, coz u can get sticky and end up messing up becuase o tht
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Aw dude I had a debate today, I was so nervous. I really need to learn how to not be nervous too. What I noticed tho, is the less serious I am the less nervous I am. Try just making a joke or something, get the audience to your level. I get nervous because I think people think Im an idiot or Im worried about messing up, so I will practice a lot and try to just get people to my level somehow.
I heard one way was to focus on a pencil beforehand for like 30 seconds to calm yourself. Alcohol does work - in a way I suppose.

You should focus on your playing. Get in the guitar sometimes when I play people walk in and I have no idea they are there. Just get out there. I can assure you if you get past that nervousness you'll really, really enjoy it.
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I agree, i always help people up. At the last show we all protected this little kid who was tying his shoe in the middle of the pit.

in year 7 and 8 i always didnt like standing infront of my class in liek drama and do stuff ... just dont give a dam what they think ! Everyone screws upon stage lol just smile and enjoy it ... a band who played infront of us at skwl were crap as hell but there energy was amzing ... doubt this has really helped but its my adivce

good luck !!
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If it's something you are passionate about then when you get up there you won't feel nervous.

Speaking from personal experience.
Just know you're playing for fun, not for anybody else.

If that doesn't work, tie a belt around your arm and give yourself an EGO shot.
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Just play as if you were practicing, but as a live performance. The better you do, the less you'll be embarrassed, you make a mistake, just forget you did it and keep going without blushing or anything.
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Run it through in your head a few times but picture everything going perfectly.

That way when your mind starts to freak out it'll remember the mental image of everything going well and it won't start making you feel nervous.
just go chugga chugga and whewewewewew on the lower frets and your class will be "Whoa!11!!1111!!!!!1!!one"
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just go chugga chugga and whewewewewew on the lower frets and your class will be "Whoa!11!!1111!!!!!1!!one"
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I don't have any experience of playing at a show, but what I am going to do when I do play at a show (Will probably be the school rock show in July this year) is sit down 5 minutes before the show, and just play some exercises and riffs to take my mind off the fact I'd be playing infront of people, then when out there, just have fun. Also, if you know any stage tricks and can do them well, do it if it'll impress people, although it'd be best to impress with your playing, not show skills. E.g. I plan to learn to play my Les Paul (Damm heavy) behind my neck, as I can with a Strat.
also... unless other people play guitar or know the exact song.. they probably wont know you messed up honestly.. unless you completely play a wrong chord, but if its a rundown or your improvising, they probably wont notice one missed note
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If it's something you are passionate about then when you get up there you won't feel nervous.

Speaking from personal experience.

exactly, im very passionate about the music i play and confident in my guitar skills i really wish i had an opportunity like you to play in front of one of my classes