Well this is my most favorite work because I like the bass I think plus the mixing is great, I went out and bought Pro Tools M-Powered for this one. So hope everyone likes it.

Answer the Phone

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Its one of the songs in the flash playlist
Hey, I really liked the song. It was very upbeat but still powerful. The mix was really good, the only thing that bugged me was the little effects/whistles that are in there. Its not that they are bad but I think they are too loud and kinda take the song, which is the vocal and guitar. Everything should just add to the song, not steal it. Kinda like sprinkles and ice cream. Thats why I really like the harmonica/accordian?, cause that just snuck in sometimes. Just my opinion, but while I'm listening, I should hear something in the background, and want to try to listen for it, not have it come at me yelling..."LISTEN TO ME!"

I hope that made sense.
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I agree about those high pitches whistle noises, but apart from that, i really really enjoyed it. Your voice is great, and the song manages to be upbeat but quite moving at the same time. Well done man, this was a fantastic song to start my critting!