i'm not sure about doing this but wh o cares, if i'm wrong correct me or just tell me that i should delete this thread

what happens when you get banned

- When you log in you go to the FOTB (Forum Of The Banned), in that forum you can post your reason why you shouln't be banned, don't whine about it or your ban will be extended

-You can't see (if you're logged in) any other forums in the ug (for example, the pit, band & artist, electric guitar) obviusly, you can't post in them either

- You can't use your user CP, that means you can't change your signature, avatar, user title, profile or profile picture

- you can't send PM's (private messages) to other users

Note: you can see the forums if you're not logged in

What doesn't change

- you can still view the rest of the site (reviews, tabs, lessons, columns, news)

- you can submit your tabs reviews or lessons

- you can post on any of the sections above

Well, i hope that helps, if not, i'll delete it

Quote by Jeff Manthei
isnt there a sticky thread about what happens when you are banned? or in the FAQ?

I think that's just what will get you banned, not what happens after.

Thankye for the info