my moniter isn't working and it says its in power save mode. it says to activate it using pc but that doesnt do anything. im on my mom's pc now, but can anyone help?
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check the cable connection that goes to the pc......maybe some pins are bent
...or maybe in a worse case...your graphic card is gone....or maybe the mother board......
Hard to tell from here
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try hooking monitor up to mom's PC. If it still doesnt work then you need a new monitor.
try droppin it donw the stairs! that normaly sorts it out... or breaks it but either way a result will appear!

nah dont try that if u do then dont sue me!

try checkin the output lead from the computer to the monitor that could be the main problem
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If it's a CRT monitor there could be a small family of rodents living inside, and rodents reproduce like crazy. Try pouring some rat poison into the monitor.