For the last year or so I've not been doing that much on guitar. Havn't learned to play many new or difficult songs, just been practising songs I like, a little improvising and performance practise. All modern rock.

I wanna take guitar further and I tried this a while ago with no luck. I know (well in mine and most peoples opinions) that jazz and blues is pretty much the hardest genre to master so I've come here.

Can you help me find some artists that I like. I don't know where to begin, I don't particularly want to download torrents of albums of lots of artists just to find out I don't like them. I don't have/want any other p2p software so is there anywhere (I suppose myspace) where I can sample some music of artists. And can you guys link me some pages of artists you might think I like.

So far other than modern/indie rock I can play Eric Clapton - Classical Gas and layla live acoustic version.

Thanks for your help.
jazz and blues are not one genre, blues isnt that hard to master, a penatonic here, and natural mior there, but jazz. jazz isnt ridiculously hard to play, BUT! the chord chages alone will implode your brain leaving nothing but a lone brain cell.. which will eventually die for some odd reason
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Check www.purevolume.com I find it better than myspace for finding music. You can browse by genre so that will help you find bluesy jazzy stuff
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Since youre already digging Clapton's acoustic style, why dont you try to learn Signe from the unplugged album? It's a really beautiful jazzy song. Hell, pretty much anything from the unplugged album would be good for you.
Oh, I must say I've been a blues freak for a few years, but now that I've gotten into jazz I must reccomend it. There is so much to learn, the trick is getting a good teacher (this could make or break if you ever really take to jazz). But after you learn your first chord form you'll see the possibilities.
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if you wanna try some impossible but great jazz, try some joe pass. otherwise, id strongly suggest getting a teacher that knows alot of musical artists. thats what i did and it opened many doors for me. look into getting a teacher. also i always like robert johnsons guitar but its not for everyone
Yeah, blues and jazz are definitely totally different things. If you want to attack these in order of difficulty, start off with the blues. I guess I'd suggest starting with tunes you probably already know and will recognize, like Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode and Roll Over Beethoven. Also, try some BB King, like Everyday I Have the Blues, and the Kingsmen's Louie Louie (not quite blues but fun nonetheless).

As for jazz, I honestly don't really like jazz all that much. But, I do like playing Errol Garner's rendition of Misty, and Wes Montgomery's Four on Six might be fun to play as well.

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