I have recently decided to customise my old Squire Strat and I have brought a new pickguard for it. the only problem is that I find when I play my little finger always hits the vloume knob especily when I do tremolo picking, so as part of my customisation I am moving the volume knob down, I drilled the knew hole and it all went very well though now I have a problem because I have a hole in my pickguard were the volume knob is serposed to go, so I was wonering if anyone knew how I could fill this and what with?
What colour is the pickguard? It would be easier to get hold of a new pickguard but i'm not sure of any way it could be filled. See what others say.


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Well, you could theoretically fill it with anything, but it would show...you'd have to sand it down so it becomes level, then paint the whole pickguard so it looks even. But painted pickguards don't look good and aren't very stable.

You can do it with wood, but not plastic.

You can get 'raw pickguard material' and cut your own, and put the knobs wherever you like.
raw pickguard material isnt too expensive.. like 12$ for a blank one... all you'd have to do would be cutting it out...


i just bought a blank one from them for my gibson... although i just ordered yesterday... so i couldnt tell you how well they ship and what not... but i've heard good things... they say its good to have a 45 degree cut on the edges of it though.. i forget whether its called a bevel or whatever at the moment... but thats how most pickguards are angled...
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Yer thats a thourght, i was wonderin what if i cut out a circle of black plactic (my pick guard is black) ad glue that in?
You could plug it the hole, and do it like this instead of trying to hide it:

I would suggest using a carraige bolt, just polish the top of it. It'll look a tad bit like the picture above.
Put a killswitch in it? That's what I did, except my switch is too tall, and I turn off my guitar when I bring the whammy up So watch out for that.
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