On monday I've got my first practice with my new band, and the bassist is the only guy I know.

I'm excited because the other guitarist Paul is quite talented and I've never before worked with another competant guitarist (well, once, but that was very short lived and nothing came of it). I've been listening to his music and I know I can keep up with him all except one thing, he sweep picks like a beast. My sweeps are good, but nothing like his.

Another thing is, he seems like a nice guy but a little arrogant, and if he can outplay me then it may be hard to work with him. I've been practicing like crazy trying to get my sweeps better, I've been playing for hours on end the last several days and now my hands are tired like crazy, though my sweeps have improved some.

He's a big Jason Becker fan and I know he's gonna wanna do some cacophony style harmonized sweeps and that would be sweet if I could play them, but not long hopefully, I'll keep practicing.

So basically, I was just wondering if anyone has been in a similar kind of situation before and what do you guys think?

Just so you know how good he is, listen to "shred massacre".


Everything there is improve so his timing may be little off or something and the recording quality is about what you'd expect, but it's still quite good.

And please, no shred bashing, if it's not your thing that's cool but we enjoy it.
just practice man. playing with better musicians makes you sound, play, and look like a better musician. all you can do is learn a few things from him and him learn a few things from you. just try and have fun and play man.
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Yeah, like he said playing with better musicians makes you a better musician. I was in a band with this guy and he was better than me but playing and learning from eachother made us both a lot better, also it gave me a push to practice my but off.
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Me and the guy i play with are about equal in status.

We were listening to ourselves from about 6 months ago and realized how much vocally / guitar..ist..ly we had improved
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