I bought my MIM strat about a year ago for its versatility and now i realise the tone i really want is a tele tone.

Now i'm sure some people will say that if i want a tele i should have bought a tele - fairplay but at the time i didn't know and so went with the versatility.

Would it just be a job of changing the pickups? if so which ones? would i need to change pickguard or can you get pickups fitted to the shape of the strat pickguard?
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You could put a Tele bridge pickup in the Strat's bridge position maybe?
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I don't think you can get there with the strat. I think you have to have Tele body and pickups to sound like a tele.
Tele bridge pickups won't fit as they are a little too big IIRC, and the neck pickups are a little smaller. The bridge pickup will bit, but the base of them is massive, and you'll probably have to do some routing. You could always add a switch to select both neck and bridge pickups together to get a more Tele type sound.
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my strat copy was waaaaaaaaaaaay bassey, so i messed with the p/us and it was ok. when i changed the strings like a year later, the treble position was just like a tele. so... mess with the position of the pickups using the screws either side of them, and change the strings (?) i used ernire ball 9's (i think) thats my advice
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buy an amp with EQ and alot of stuff like that plus a pedal will make it sound good
go to musicians friend .com and buy a danelectro pedal they have tons of them
MIMs have humbucker routings in the bridge, so there's more chance of the Tele's bridge's base fitting in there...unless there's not enough space.
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I see well changing the position of the pickups does quite a good job.
I'd be interested to know quite how hard it would be to fit tele pickups.
Also i'm interested if these pickups made to sound like tele pickups are any good or if they are gimicky.
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thanks, that's interesting, not sure i have a piece of steel atm though and i think i'd rather do something a bit more professional to get this job done so as not to destroy my guitar.
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I've helped perform a mod for this type of tonal change. We took a piece of steel plate and cut it the basic width of a tele bridge. The length was long enough to reach from the edge of the tremolo cavity to the halfway point between the middle and bridge pickup routes. We cut a hole out for the pickup and the pickup screws, 2 countersunk screw holes to secure it in the pickup cavity, and we also drilled holes for the 6 tremolo screws. Next, we did a very shallow route to fit the plate into the guitar. Finally, we bolted everything back together. The tone was considerably brighter...I wouldn't say it was full out twang, but it was a nice middle ground, if not a tone that favored the tele side a bit more. Also, the steel plate under the tremolo seemed to give the bridge a more stable platform for tremolo use. The final mod was an on/off switch to activate the neck pickup in any position so we could get the bridge and neck pickups working together. It's an extensive mod, but the payoff is quite nice.

Other than that, adding a steel shieldingplate to the strat pickguard brightens the tone up a bit more, and a switch to activate that bridge/neck combo helps also.
You could try this Pickup from GFS. Its made like a bridge PUP of a Tele.


Heres a complete set of Tele PUPS in their blowout section. You will have to do some re-wiring and maybe cut your Pickguard or get another one.


I have a spare Strat copy. I'm thinking about ordering those pups and putting them in the strat copy. I'm not too sure if my copy's body is thick enough for the the Tele Bridge PUP. My strat copy is not as thick as a real Fender.

guitarnuts.com has a mod which allows you to use the bridge and neck pickups together in series, which he says helps with the twang. So that + the steel plate should get your pretty close.
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