On a PRS SE guitar seen here

It's a stop tail bridge it in and I want to get the whole Dive bomb effect going here


Now other higher end models have the whammy bar

But im not looking for a new guitar nor can I afford one right now.

What is cheaper to get, a Whammy bar for the PRS SE guitar or a Digitech whammy pedal?

I have no problem installing this bar myself if its as easy as putting it where the existing bridge is.

Any ideas?
I don't think the PRS can do a dive bomb.

Although I may be wrong.

But I'd say get a whammy pedal or a guitar with a Floyd Rose.
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The Whammy pedal would probably be cheaper, but it's still not the same as the real thing. You can get a Setsbar (sp?) tremolo, but they're fairly pricey, well over the price of the Digi-tech Whammy.
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the one with out a wammy bar. Always stop bridge peace, stays in tune for so much longer
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I know you've already answered but I just wanted to contribute. I have a PRS with a stoptail and there is no trem that I know of that could fit on the studs of the stoptail. They're huge! You'd also have to rout a huge hole in the back of the body for the springs. Just get the whammy pedal, even though I somewhat despise them.
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$250 for an amp? wow. is it worth it to invest that much in the amp?