Tell me what you think i wrote it for a girl i really care about that i dated but i ****ed up and im trying to fix it i wrote it and i wana know what you think, im just a lead guitar player and i tried . . . so be honest and let me know what you think ;[

Sweet emotions, they run through my veins
Reminds me of a time, when you felt the same
I thought it was nothing babe, i thought i could let go
But i was just fooling myself, your branded in my soul

Dont ever mention ending,
Dont ever let me go,
Im gona hold on foreva
Or at least time you let go

Feelings of impurities, thats what you said
Hit and run baby, thats how felt
i cant help but see, just what could be
But you visions clouded, and you just can see

ohh dont ever mention ending,
dont ever let me go
im gona hold on foreva
or at least till you let gooo

stop and tell me how you feel
are these feelings true and real
cant seem to find whats inside
buried behind these lies

dont ever mention ending . . .
thats good to me, i was just tryin to make a rythm to it ( im a 1 year guitarist so im practcing that) but id say the first verse uses the first 2 strings on the high notes like i was doing

while palm muting it, thats on first verse. but when it says but i was just fooling myself, your branded in my soul, i stopped playing at the begginning of that.
Lyrically I didn't think it sounded bad at all, except for the third verse. "stop and tell me how you feel...are these feelings true and real...cant seem to find whats inside...buried behind these lies..." It doesn't seem to go with the rest of them, as they're quite a bit longer lines. Unless you're intending it to be more like a bridge. Overall, I'd DEFINATELY say above average. Personally, I like it quite a bit. Hope this criticizm was constructed enough.