anyone got some amazing punk riff knowledge?

i need to learn to make AWSOME punk riffs
Just follow the notes on any of your basic scales, but make them power chords. And play them really fast.

It always works.
Take the major scale, and play, in the form of power chords, the 1 4 5 progression.

Here's an example in the scale of A:
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Punk is about the heart, just pick 2-5 notes and just make 'em powerchords and play around in various combonations until you have something. Play it fast, like each note is your last, and ONLY use downstrokes. And punk doesn't have to be that simple, you can always add some chromatic chords and mutes and palm mutes, like for eg.


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blah blah blah, shut up all of you.

punk is about playing from the heart.
here's some advice for learning to play your very first punk riffs: pick three power chords that sound good together, ie:


from "Give us a Future"

try out some old school punk, it's really easy and it has a nice feel to it, with the classic **** you attitude.