alright i got a schecter hellraiser w/ active emg 81/85 pups. now i just played my guitar for the first time in a week, and it seems to be seriously lacking major "umph!" in the sound, i fiddle with the amp, nothing. so i wondered if it was maybe my picup battery, i dont know if when the battery dies, the pickups also die, or just lose the preamp that the active pickups give.....help
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naa itll be the battery dying, whic his needed to create the electromagnetic field [emg] thats used to err pick up the strings mvement]
so replace that and it should work
just replace battery, there should be a battery compatment on the back.

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Ever stop & think it might be your amp? What kind amp are you running?? Maybe you need to crank it a lil more to take advantage of the tubes puttin out that musical goodness!