okay so I am rewiring what appers to be an incorrectly wired pearly gates seymour duncan in my c-1 in the bridge, and I'll be honest... I have no idea where what goes. I'm a wiring and electrical retard essentially... so what pot do I solder the green/bare wire to and what terminal on the selector switch specifically do I solder the black wire to, etc? i'm pretty sure red/white arent used in this config but then again that was just told to me so I dont know. HELP!
Get a pro to do it. You don't want to mess it up, right?
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^ cynoxx its costs less to just do it yourself. its a learning experience aswell.

threadstarter: there should be wiring schematics on the seymour duncan website for the situations and spec. of your guitar. if everything goes wrong. then take it to a pro. but using a soldering iron isnt rocket science and with a shcematic shouldnt be too hard. ( put down plenty of dry towels around the area of the guitar to prevent any marks on the guitar?).

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Do it yourself. Like Cygnus said, its a learning experience. I didn't know anything about p-ups till i started wiring theme in my self. Green/bare goes to ground, red is hot and white and black are taped off.You dont need for that situation.