So, my birthday is coming up and I have been saving some money for a new guitar. I have been looking at three guitars in particular, so it would help me alot if you guys could give me some input about which one is a better purchase. I play classic rock and metal. I am also buying a new amp for my birthday and have been looking into some half stacks but im not sure what's best. Some help with that would be nice too. :]

Shecter Hellraiser C-7

Ibanez SZ720FM


Which one is the better buy, and will last longer ect. Any experiences or preferences would be greatly appreciated.
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ive been lucky enough to play all three of those andi can tell you, get the hellraiser. While te ibanez is shred-tastic i just feel that the hellraiser has lots more charachter... i love it basically lol.
Yea, that's the one that I'm more interested in, but I don't know if Ill be able to get used to a 7 string.
XBL Gamertag: SealCubs